BYBORRE launches Edition8™, pushing how raw materials can be used to create conscious textiles.

This Friday 26th of March marks the release of the first of items out of BYBORRE’s latest ‘Mono Edition’, showcasing its approach to conscious creating, as its design team used the textile design platform Create™ the brand offers to creators worldwide. Conceived precisely a year back, the halting of the world prompted BYBORRE to reinforce what they had already been questioning and to take their stand in streamlining textile design, production processes and their outcomes. The resulting textiles and products follow a design brief which highlights mono ingredient yarn usage, prolonging of product lifespans and post use impact.

The items for this Edition consists of trusted BYBORRE Fundamentals such as the signature Tapered Cropped Pants, Loose Hoodie and Weightmap Sweater. Next to these updated staples, Edition8™ introduces an all new knit type. The O2L™ is an open-interlock 2 layered structure that has a mesh-like texture on both the front and back layers of the textile, which connect and lock into each other, especially engineered by our knitlab team to create a performing, breathable material which can adapt artworks and graphical elements through its physical structure.

Overall, Edition8™ follows a toned down, yet sophisticated approach to the use of BYBORRE’s textiles. The introduction of an all new tailored suit, holistically executed in its engineered knits, demonstrates the applicability of the brands textile technology for luxurious categories, whilst providing the comfort and performance expected of BYBORRE engineered textiles. Further following this line of clean, archetypal garments of sophistication, the brand demonstrates how its knitted textiles work together with shirting, as the brand had a custom woven textile made in Portugal, incorporating this in its Overshirt and Weight Map Cardigan.

In the recurring Gore-Tex capsule, items such as the Field Jacket, Weightmap Cropped Pants make their return and introduces new items such as a light weight Cardigan, further defining the brands new codes of comfort as BYBORRE strategically combines Gore’s water repellant Infinium™ textiles with their soft and breathable product technologies where they allow for optimum breathability and range of movement.

Furthermore, a dedicated Woolmark capsule executes trusted BYBORRE styles in wool, showcasing the surprising possibilities of the material for warmer climates. As the textile innovation studio utilises the inherent qualities of natural fibres by blending of yarns and textile textures, its design and knit engineering team has established breathability and temperature regulation in luxurious products. By incorporating BYBORRE’s True Color™ concept, the impact of yarn dyeing processes was eliminated creating natural color tones of several luxurious wool types such as yack, camel and merino sheep.

The first items of the collection have been launched on, and are set to release with global BYBORRE retailers in the coming weeks.

Photography & Videography: Studio Don Don
Models: Jasper Lee & Gogo Lupin

BYBORRE is an Amsterdam based textile innovation studio working on the frontiers of material development, engineering functional performance and aesthetics in knitted textiles. Through direct interaction with our circular knitting machines, we provide full creative freedom to play with patterns, colours, and textures within our textiles.

We are devoted to bring this power of bespoke textile creation to the hands of every creator that uses, or wants to use, textile as part of their process. We provide a safe environment where creators have creative freedom and control over the impact of their textile. We have carefully selected design options such as responsible yarns and functional knit structures, for others to play and craft their own textile with. Our Create™ tool allows designers, artists and all other creators to use our innovative and responsible textile creation processes and building blocks, all while putting their own stamp on things; there’s no limit to what the final fabrics can look like or the potential uses. These design options are all proven to work and safe to use because we verified every step in the process and can provide full transparency on their origin.

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