BMW presents i Interactions EASE at CES 2020 with bespoke BYBORRE interactive knits

In the latest step in their mission to construct a sustainable future for people and the planet through their innovative textile, BYBORRE has developed the fabrics for the future interactive car interior for BMW. As presented at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, a near future concept car cabin module donned the BMW i Interaction EASE, departing from the contemporary understanding of a car interior, creating an inviting space with a high “feel-good” factor in which to spend time.

At its special BMW i Interaction EASE experience booth, the car manufacturer was seen manifesting its visionary approaches to create the mobility experience of the future and change public perception to address the requirements of these near distant scenarios. The entire concept of what a car cabin can be has been completely remodelled, now becoming a luxurious, humane and interactive interface, fit for a future in which autonomous driving becomes a commonplace.

BYBORRE collaborated with the car manufacturer in its quest to create the seamless interactive tactile surface by developing bespoke textiles meeting the demands of BMW’s future commuter. Through BYBORRE’s Textile Development Kit (TDK), creators are given full control over the development of On-Pattern textiles, enabling them to precisely engineer their own fabric from the raw sustainable yarn, up to custom colors and artwork.

The BYBORRE team have dedicated themselves through a decade long journey to investigate and develop future proof knits, affecting and positively reshaping our day-to-day scenarios. By acknowledging that the human body is the superior interface through which we live our lives, the innovative textile developer reconfigures the material world surrounding the body as relevant, all-encompassing interface accommodating to our everyday needs.

Through the form-follows-function ethos, the cabin’s upholstery was turned into a tactile three-dimensional knitted surface interface through the custom developed BYBORRE textile. This smart materials embedded surface provides the passenger an integrated, naturally intuitive and interactive experience of control and demand over the car’s interior.

“If we no longer need to actively drive our car, we will naturally be able to use this time doing other things. This forces us to look towards the space of a car in an entirely different manner. The interior of the car now changes into a space in which time can be spent in several different ways, opening up possibilities of work, rest, entertainment, and socialization. Depending on the wishes of the individual, the car’s interior surfaces will have to adapt.” - Borre Akkersdijk

As presented at BMW’s main interactive installation, the BYBORRE textiles contributed to these wishes of the future auto-driven passenger. The i Interaction EASE cabin transforms through its reactive surfaces into three modes of exploration, entertainment and ease. Among other things, the interior features a large, comfortable seat with footrest, a screen that flips down from the headliner and a personal Sound Zone facilitates variable acoustics and use of audio. To redefine the comfort level of the experience of travel, and change it into one of luxury, BYBORRE closely worked together with The Woolmark Company to integrate fine merino wool through the entire cabin interior. Highlighting the commitment to sustainable mobility, BYBORRE engineered textiles made from recycled polyesters and are seen further gracing BMW’s CES Booth at its experience islands section to demonstrate that sustainable, innovative mobility is not just about technical innovation but also reflects through design.



BYBORRE believes in a radical approach to textiles – by thinking about the future of people and the planet, BYBORRE is creating fabrics for the next generation. BYBORRE ignores the traditional, the wasteful and the inflexible, and instead question everything, from the manufacturing chain to the creative process. The BYBORRE mission is about being “part of something bigger” – that’s why BYBORRE invites others, from iconic brands to respected institutions, to explore the power of bespoke textile creation and use our research and technology. The Textile Development Kit (TDK) allows designers and artists to use our innovative textile creation processes, all while putting their own stamp on things; there’s no limit to what the final fabrics can look like or the potential uses. Think of it as a pioneering bit of open source thinking, a chance to create the best textiles for your business or brand in a streamlined, waste-conscious manner. The result is a little bit of the BYBORRE ethos, twisted to fit your brand’s own DNA. They call it ‘BYBORRE Inside’, a clever form of collaboration that prioritises our goal to spread positive impact and improve creative processes. BYBORRE is a movement.