DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN and BYBORRE present the Mizusawa Down Jacket

This signature jacket, who’s name comes from DESCENTE’s apparel factory, located in the Japanese town formerly known as Mizusawa, was first designed for the 2010 Japanese Olympic team. Now one of their leading styles, the Mizusawa jacket seemed like the perfect garment to introduce the exciting partnership between BYBORRE and DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN.

The On-Pattern 3D™ textile lines the inside of the jacket and was designed to create optimal airflow when worn. The three-dimensionality is a result of how and where the front and back layers attach in combination with the polyester fill yarn. For this liner, blisters have been designed for specific spots throughout the jacket patterns, corresponding to points on the wearer’s back that release the most heat. This specifically designed airflow creates space between the jacket liner and the layer underneath; trapping heat where needed and providing optimal air circulation at targeted spots within the jacket.

It was crucial that the material used in the liner enhanced this already high performing garment which leads to BYBORRE's choice to use Meryl® Nylon. Meryl® is an industry leading nylon supplier who pushes the boundaries for performance, functionality and sustainability. The Meryl® Hydrogen yarns used in the liner fabric give exceptional breathability, elasticity and soft feel.

This BYBORRE INSIDE textile exemplifies DESCENTE ALLTERAIN's high performing Mizusawa jacket through technical materials, radiant colors and functionality through knit design.

BYBORRE launches the Mizusawa Down jacket in collaboration with DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN. The Mizusawa Down jacket is now available and shipping worldwide via

The Mizusawa Down jacket is available now on and on October 26 on

BYBORRE is an Amsterdam based textile innovation studio working on the frontiers of material development, functionality and aesthetics through engineered knits.

The BYBORRE studio is committed to true textile innovation and rethinking all stages of the garment-creation process, from design to manufacturing. The BYBORRE label, BYBORRE’s in-house brand, is the perfect means for showcasing the studio’s advances. It is, in a way, the first client of the BYBORRE textile studio. It is an essential aspect of the broader BYBORRE project – in other words, it’s part of something bigger.

The BYBORRE label is the final step in proving the potential for uniting the manufacturing process under one roof to prevent waste and promote responsible design. The label serves as a forecast for the wider industry – a means of highlighting what could and should be possible with BYBORRE textiles. It provides suggestions for ideas, shapes, products and finishes to come. It is a playground for refining the BYBORRE ideology – a hub of imagination where all textiles are building blocks and research and development can be pushed to the final point.

Photo credit
Campaign images: Bram Spaan
On-body photography: Victoria Yanchuk (Team BYBORRE)

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