Adidas and BYBORRE present the TRUE COLOR design ideology

Adidas and BYBORRE present the TRUE COLOR design ideology - a challenge to use creativity for good.

Adidas believes that sport has the power to change lives and it's a belief that runs deep. In coming together with BYBORRE for the launch of TRUE COLOR, the partnership wants to challenge the wider industry to use creativity as a change-agent to reduce environmental impact throughout each step of the design and creation process; from identifying the end user, to decisions on materials and where they come from, to how we design textiles and make them into garments.

“Now is not the moment to be irresponsible or unaware when it comes to what you produce.”
Explains Borre Akkersdijk of BYBORRE.
Communication and open dialogue are at the heart of this ethos.

Adidas already has an enviable commitment to sustainability through the partnership with Parley for the Oceans and initiatives that include the use of sustainable materials, the reduction of CO2 emissions and waste prevention. True Color marks a conscientious design process and the steps that are taken to ‘flip the script’ in an industry where unnecessary waste is commonplace and revert back to creating functional, ethical, well designed garments. The True Color process urges all experts in the industry to strive to use materials, in every sense, at their most raw and pure form.

Keeping processes like dyeing, finishing, constructing, and processing to a minimum is a strong step to making a garment’s evolution an environmentally friendly one. Also to be conscious of how far your materials travel on their journey to becoming a finished product. The goal is to avoid unnecessary steps and emission through travel before a garment is made.

Denis Dekovic, VP Design, adidas Design said of the project
“BYBORRE and adidas don’t expect everyone to stop using all color and/or finishings, but expect everyone to start asking the right questions to challenge the current industry’s ways.”
BYBORRE serves both as a material development and production hub, a design studio and, overall, a platform for questioning how fashions of the future can be more responsible, providing a better, sustainable product to people worldwide. The True Color design ideology is there for the taking – a symbol of a true commitment to open source.
The presented capsule is BYBORRE’s outcome of adhering to the True Color design ideology for adidas. It serves as a forecast for the wider industry – a means of highlighting what could and should be possible by following the True Color principle. It outlines how dialogues unfolded during the design process with trusted ingredient partners such as GORE-TEX, The Woolmark Company, Riri, Nylstar, Majocchi and others, responding to the quest for change in production processes.

BYBORRE is an Amsterdam based textile innovation studio working on the frontiers of material development, functionality and aesthetics through engineered knits. The BYBORRE studio is committed to true textile innovation and rethinking all stages of the garment-creation process, from design to manufacturing.
BYBORRE allows brands to custom engineer meaningful and sustainable textiles. The mission is to change the game of textiles from a sourcing driven industry to a design and innovation game, while reducing the negative footprint. By giving professional creators full control over all textile variables (function, feel, aesthetics and footprint) simultaneously in one place, they can create superior products that consumers and our planet need. Without being discouraged by the hassles of a complicated supply chain with lots of legacy, designers can configure samples instantly, and have them produced at scale in Amsterdam or locally.

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