BYBORRE AW19 - The Layered Edition™

The BYBORRE approach is always a layered one, starting with the design and engineering of their multi layered fabrics. This Edition embodies layering throughout the entire design process, starting from yarn, to structures, to fabrics, and ultimately the garments and how they are worn. The GORE-TEX brand and The Woolmark Company partnered capsule add another layer to this Edition through added material functionality and providing a stage for a new material. On their quest to master knit BYBORRE has introduced a new signature fabric to their textile family which adds a new weight and look to garments throughout the collection.

BYBORRE launches The Layered Edition™ collection in partnership with the GORE-TEX brand and The Woolmark Company. It was displayed in the BYBORRE showroom during Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

April 1st 2019 the collection will be available in selected stores and online on

The Layered Edition™

When approaching the design and construction for this Edition, BYBORRE thinks about how different layers interact, both aesthetically and functionally. The garments are designed specifically to be worn as layers over each other. Details in this approach include layered and detachable pockets, temperature regulating construction techniques, and mixing performance wovens with knits.

Placement of the BYBORRE fabrics have been deliberately used in relation to their desired functionality. Heavier fabrics like the 3D™ have been used to provide warmth, whereas lighter weight fabrics like the 8-Bit™ are used in areas that require higher range of motion or which are warmer. Resulting in several different fabric coming together in a single garment.

The Fundamentals have been refined, and new styles have been added to the Fundamental line up, keeping the offering versatile and relevant to be worn and layered in colder weather conditions.

True to their name, the Experimentals are where the more far out explorations of the concept live, including another capsule collection with GORE-TEX product technology as well as a new partnership with The Woolmark Company. The Hybrid concept in partnership with the GORE-TEX brand has evolved to a colder climate. The pieces are built to layer and in some instances the BYBORRE fabric incorporates Merino wool to add different functionality.

Key innovations for AW19:

BYBORRE’s label functions as the perfect playground to both experiment and refine material innovations and then showcase them to the world.

This latest member in the BYBORRE textile family adds a new weight and look to their arsenal. The AO3™ (Attachment Only 3 Layer) is a dense 3 layer fabric with an unexpected hand and weight which was named after the technique used to create it. Like its close relative, the 3D™, this new fabric uses polyester fill yarn which in the AO3™ is fully compacted between the front and back layers, aiding to a surprising density and drape for a knit fabric. Colours, graphics, yarn choice on both front and back, along with fill density are all fully configurable on the AO3™, making this fabric decidedly elegant with an undeniably modern look.

Woolmark Capsule
As part of The Layered Edition™ Experimentals key pieces were rendered in Merino wool and stand out due to the intense Deep Blue colour used in the capsule. This uniformity is a clear statement and stark contrast against the colour explorations BYBORRE does elsewhere in this Edition.
For the first time they have developed luxurious Merino wool variations of all of their signature fabrics, using wool’s inherent properties to further push functionality. Merino wool was used in tandem with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ product technology on select styles to combine the best of all three material worlds.

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BYBORRE is an Amsterdam based textile innovation studio working on the frontiers of material development, functionality and aesthetics through engineered knits. Over the past six years they have worked with clients such as adidas, Nike, Wings + Horns, The North Face, Descente ALLTERRAIN, Rapha, and GORE-TEX.

Signature to BYBORRE are the innovative hand-rendered techniques that, through direct interaction with their circular knitting machines, give the studio full creative freedom to play with patterns, colours, textures, and yarn properties within their fabrics. Designing from the yarn up allows BYBORRE to discover new possibilities both within their own collections and for leading brands. The archetypical clothing pieces in the studio’s own label tell an important story about the relationship between material and machine, along with introducing a new approach to fashion where process and product are equally important.

Photo credit

Campaign images: photography: Petrovsky & Ramone - styling: Imruh Asha
On-Body Looks + Flat shots: Team Peter Stigter
Fabric shots: Bram Spaan

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