Byborre Smart Textiles & Wearables

At heart, we are an aesthetics-oriented textile lab, with in-house R&D and experts on design, materials and technology. BYBORRE is in that sweet spot where technology meets fashion. Our goal is to build textile into a platform for human interaction. We truly believe that innovation in materials and the crossover of textile and technology will build the future.

Our vision

The best interface is no interface. Enable the human body to communicate via the things you wear every day. We want to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. Igniting tactile dialogues between people and the textiles that surround them. Currently we are moving from a world where technology is carried around, to a world where it is worn. Seamlessly integrated with everyday life. This is the next step into a post-screen society.

About our collection

The products we develop under the BYBORRE label are a way for us to share our innovations with the world. The current focus of our brand is on textile innovation and functional design. The next step will be to add new functionalities with embedded technology.