Byborre - Generation one

Characteristic to the label are the self-developed innovative knitting techniques that bring the digital and tactile worlds together. By starting from the yarns BYBORRE discovers new possibilities. The archetypical clothing pieces convey the story about material and machine, which introduces a new approach towards fashion where the process and product are equally important.

Intrigued by the circular knitting machines used in the mattress industry, BYBORRE found a way to reinvent their use. The initial research collection ‘The First Cycle’ was entirely made working with these machines. During the show not only the garments but also an animated film about the production process was shown. During last men’s Fashion Week (January 2017) in Paris BYBORRE premiered its first ready-to-wear collection titled ‘Generation One’ by way of a mobile showroom. Years of dedicated research in its 3D signature knit, with a client base consisting of some of the most established brands around, has led up to this noteworthy moment.

The small selection in colours complement shape and silhouette, conveying a general minimalistic impression and drawing the attention to individual details. Recurring throughout the whole collection is BYBORRE’s own fabric, perfectly displayed in its signature scarfs. With the background of a textile design studio the label challenges the seasonal constraints of fashion and offers a refreshing take on the everyday essentials.