Paris Fashion week FW17 - mobile showroom

Try to stand out during Paris Fashion Week being the new kid on the block. Newcomers don’t have it easy in their craving for attention. The conventional choice is to either opt for a showroom or have a cubicle at one of the major trade shows.

We decided it was time for an alternative. As any original idea it all starts with a seemingly impossible notion, but after it marinates it defies all impracticalities. While everybody is running from show to showroom we thought we could make it a lot easier for everybody. Instead of them coming to us we could come to them, or meet somewhere in between.

The space was equipped with all the necessities to welcome buyers and give them a detailed impression on our Generation One collection. The story of our textile innovation background and feel for functionality was embodied by the space. Our mobility and unique setup had surprising appeal. Next to prestiged buyers, fellow designers, street photographers, and the occasional celebrity model made their visit. Even other brands and showrooms invited us to deck out in front of their spaces. Overall the city of Paris was welcoming and gracious enough to offer us some of the most wild and unbelievable locations.