EDITION11™ — BYBORRE explores new ways for artists and creators to interact with textiles and the textile creation process.

In a first preview of its Edition11™, Dutch textile company BYBORRE showcases its upcoming Edition of advanced knitted textiles and garments.

Since 2015, BYBORRE has actively challenged the textile industry to be better, to create more consciously and to be transparent in what the industry does. The company has opened the conversation by showcasing and proving what is possible, through their in-house label EDITIONS™. Now it is time to move forward, BYBORRE wants and needs to be better.

They have taken the last 6 months to review their processes, impact and textile usage as a label, looking at how to improve. The company’s mission to 'create conscious creators' should not solely be limited to the textile manufacture and composition alone, and they therefor strive to educate and inform on all levels of the process, from yarn to textile to product. 

With this in mind, EDITION11™ will be BYBORRE’s sole collection of 2022 - they believe this to be more appropriate for the times we live in and the world they want to see. Continuing to showcase what is possible within their award winning bespoke textile creation platform; BYBORRE Create™, on both a conscious and aesthetic level, they will also look deeper into their usage of textile. Further refining the garment patterns and lines to limit waste, assessing the collection size for concise yet optimum representation by working with a condensed selection of key pieces and new styles and stepping further away from the relentless fashion calendar.

The team at BYBORRE strongly believes that the industry must do better, for the sake of the planet and ourselves and by showcasing what is possible, educating and taking a stand, BYBORRE believes they can instigate that change. 


BYBORRE also aims to provide a platform for artists and creators through their BYBORRE Create™ Platform.

For Edition11 the team invited Amsterdam born and raised artist dewy Elsinga aka ‘BUTTERFINGAZ’ to play on the BYBORRE Create™ platform and explore a new way of expressing her work, through textiles. Her signature bold, hand drawn brushstrokes have been integrated into a knit textile, resulting in garments that look as if she has literally taken her brush directly to them. 

Using bold colours, following her outspoken style, this Edition pushes the palette of the BYBORRE textiles beyond what the team have explored in the past. To support this bold Artists Multicolour textile the other textiles in the Edition come in different hues of black/grey and black/blue.


Where BYBORRE approached their Edition10™ as a look back, reinterpreting some of their greatest hits over the year, Edition11™ is a logical follow up from that. 

For Edition11™ the team took a hard look at some of their core styles and streamlined them, with the aim to cleverly simplify them for production, but without losing what makes them so special in the first place. Looking at lines and seams, and developing new base blocks, key BYBORRE styles such as the Weightmap Sweater, the Tapered Cropped Pants and the Hoodie see a complete overhaul. This Edition also introduces the all new N-Type Jacket and Studio Jacket and a further exploration into home goods. 

This overhaul of existing silhouettes led to new constructions meant to give the stage to the textiles by taking away ‘design distraction’ that focuses on lines and seams.

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The introduction period starts the 1st of February and runs until the 18th of February 2022. If you are a retailer, brand or member of the press you can book your slot to be virtually introduced to this Edition and its latest textile innovations.

Edition11™ is set to release to retailers and consumers in the Autumn of 2022, in the meantime head over to the BYBORRE website to learn more about the company’s latest textile innovations and developments, and look out for its soon to be dropped Edition10™.



Schedule a virtual meeting and be introduced to the collection:

jasper@byborre.com and/or +44 7870 500 286



Born 1992 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Currently living and working as a freelance artist in Amsterdam

Young Stedelijk Ambassador 2020

for more information go to butterfingaz.com

follow on Instagram: @butterfingaz


Photography: Tomek Dersu Aaron Whitfield 



Since 2015, textile innovation studio BYBORRE has been rewriting the rules of responsible textile creation by digitizing the design- and production process and introducing Textile-as-a-Service with their platform BYBORRE Create™. Launched in 2020, Create™ serves as the portal between the physical and digital worlds of the textile industry – enabling brands, designers and creators around the world to design bespoke and responsible textiles from pixel to needle. Providing direct access to textile creation technology and a transparent overview of the textile’s journey at every step of the process, Create™ puts creative freedom and control over impact back into the hands of the creator.

In 2021, BYBORRE opened the very first WoTO™ (Window of Textile Opportunities) showroom in Amsterdam, marking their next step towards an open-source and transparent ecosystem to drastically change the textile industry as we know it today.


About Borre Akkersdijk

Borre Akkersdijk is a Dutch textile designer and the co-founder and creative director of textile innovation studio BYBORRE. Born in Wamel, the Netherlands, Akkersdijk took fashion design courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009 while also working at Paris-based design and trend consultancy Studio Edelkoort. He started what became the foundation of BYBORRE in October 2010, initially consulting for brands such as Nike and Louis Vuitton before deciding to focus solely on the development of his now signature 3D knitted fabrics. In 2012, he was awarded Young Designer of the Year at the Dutch Design Awards. Research into the future of fashion and integrated technology resulted in presentations at South by Southwest, Bejing Designweek and Salone del Mobile Milano and publications in Wired magazine and Fast Company Magazine.

Since then Akkersdijk has worked on building a studio filled with machines and a team of specialists from all corners of the textile industry to grow BYBORRE into what it is today.

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